XMAS LIGHTS in Saint Petersburg (drunk santa claus, horses, fireworks)

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check and show you guys the beautiful
Christmas lighting of this msot beautiful city in the world so guys I’m bstanding next to horses and
I gotta be honest it it’s a second of January and we just
celebrated New Year’s Eve Day here in st. Petersburg and it’s
absolutely gorgeous we’re gonna do I’m gonna do an episode of Christmas lights
in st. Petersburg because this city is absolutely beautiful even more beautiful
of course during the Christmas time in a different way because I think springtime
is definitely the best time – best time of year to visit see the city but I’m
gonna be starting off from here from Palace Square and I’m gonna be heading
towards nevsky prospekt and check out some beautiful side streets and check
we’ll show you guys the beautiful Christmas lighting of this most beautiful
city in the world so please before that click subscribe if you haven’t
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you guys so so please come along enjoy Christmas time because here in Russia
we’ll celebrate on the 7th on the 7th of January Christmas so we have time to
celebrate a lot more the Christmas time is not over Its hard to vlog with fireworks going off Petersburg you ain’t seen nothing yet father Christmas is in
town obviously oh yeah we’re gonna be entering Bolshaya konushennaya street and
check this out okay it’s a little crowded because the city has a tons of
tons of tourists any given day but I’m gonna try to film without any tourists
blocking my beautiful view which is hard to do though as you can see in the next shot that the Kazan Cathedral top has been lighted with the icon of st. Mary and
baby Jesus that’s amazing house of zinger remember always supports the ones who
need especially older people they built this community and our job is to help
them out if these guys are rats it’s not funny
because the city has a huge rat problem ever since the Second World War but the
the side streets from Nevsky I don’t know what’s the name of that I’m
gonna write it down here this is amazing check it out check this out all right this place used to be closed
right now but there’s definitely some nice festive Christmas festivities going
on during the daytime looks a bit like some kind of amusement park you know on
the road you can make a pretty good scary movie (on this site) I gotta admit that the scenery
definitely lacks something that’s white snow we’re in Russia after all there’s
there is no snow for the last few weeks there’s been snow literally for like
maybe a couple of hours max maybe overnight but then it melts away
because the there’s plus degrees every day this what global water does this is the
proof and here’s maybe the tallest father Christmas filled with this he’s getting quite cold
a battery’s dying I don’t know what to do I get a feeling as much as I can
before it dies out but here’s the view from me from the bridge
Over the Fontanka canal (not river) so still continue on to on the hunt for
Christmas lighting treasures of st. Petersburg the Russia there’s always somewhere
there’s always a queue there’s always a line here’s a holy cow I gotta do this outro video before
before my battery ends thanks for joining
I hope you enjoyed the Christmas spirit of st. Pete’s with me there’s a lot more
to see but here’s a small quick glance the beautiful lighting of
st. Pete’s and what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna hit the shisha bar with Olya
and if you don’t know what’s a shisha bar of st. Pete check out the latest
video that I made about ordering the perfect shisha and see you again please
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share the video and most importantly enjoy Saint Petersburg the way I do see
you guys


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