Youth Jobs PaTH helped Billie turn her passion for horses into a career

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I’ve been looking since I was about 15 just on and off like I’ve just given up and then I’ve got back into it all the way up to 18. I’ve done hospitality, social service, all that sort of stuff and I was never interested in it. I did the internship with horses and humans. Natalie from Busy at Work gave me the opportunities. She was interested in what I wanted to do. I didn’t know what an internship was. I wasn’t sure what it involved, but Natalie really made it so easy. I was feeding horses, grooming horses, riding horses, so many things. My knowledge has grown so much from being here. I’d had it in the back of my head that I will be getting off at a job here but I didn’t think it’d be as soon as it was. I just I felt a lot more independent. I love my job here because the horses that I work with and I’m outside every day. Like in this beautiful arena that I ride in every day. Billie very quickly showed that she was very dedicated and interested in what we were doing and in that period convinced me that she was going to be an outstanding employee. I didn’t really have much of live. I needed a fair bit of help to get up on my feet. Natalie just gave me the codes to actually do it. It helped everything, it helped on my home situation like now that I’m able to pay rent. It’s a happy house now.


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