Žalgirietiškas „minusas“: tortu į veidą pasibaigusi D.Belickaitės ir M.Stonkaus dvikova


Welcome all green-and-whites! Next to me is a new Zalgiris’ player who will try to… Welcome all green-and-whites. Next to me is the newest Zalgiris player, who will be trying to pass my try-outs. Mantas, are you ready? Let’s go check out the tasks, and the adjustments we made. Since we’ve got an unusual guest like Mantas. Unusual… To make it more interesting, we added some tasks for each letter. Mantas, do you remember your last game against Antanas? Not really good? You should have shot, Antanas! Shoot, Antanas. Shoot! I remember…. Because I won my game. It was a pleasure. Antanas did a great… Gentleman-like… I would have said it, but since you did, it means he actually lost trying. And now I’m the one loser who lost? So now they’ll start talking, oh let’s take Belickaite to Zalgiris, not Kavaliauskas. We’ll see what happens today. Let’s go. And the ball bounced into the stands. I’ll be doing all the tasks. Parody. You’ve got to do a parody of the coach or the players. Quickly. Very good. Let’s move on. I’ll go for a free throw. Come on. Here you go, Dalia. My least favorite. It’s in. What’s going on? No good. Come here. There’s a balloon, there’s a dance… And there’s whipped cream. That’s for the very last one. Tell me which hand. What do you mean which hand? Left. Dance. Easy. It should be a viral dance. This is my favorite. Who do you do it? I can’t do it. Can you do this one? Yeah, this one I can. Let’s go play. One-one. I’ll shoot like Jankunas, with the left. Here, this is Jankis. Look at this. “Look” Can you do these? I can’t. I saw you missed from under the hoop last time. Look. Right from beneath. You can do that? Let’s check you. On purpose… We’ll have to put in the shot against Kavaliauskas where he missed. Left. Which left? Damn… What? A chant? Yes. You can create your own, or a traditional one. I already created mine. A new chant, I hope it sticks. Saras Saras, *name of the team* nightmare. Let me show you. Saras Saras, Barca’s nightmare. Or… Saras Saras, Fenerbahce’s nightmare. Another one – Saras Saras, Rytas’ nightmare. I’ll be Rudy Gobert. It’s in! Wait wait, it’ll go in. Okay, let’s go Mantas. If he makes it let’s play until four. Shot for a million euros. It was going in. What is this? The balloon. What are you going to do with it? I need to make this. I have another one. Put it on slow motion. That was a punishment… She’s messing with me. Thank you so much… Straight to the neck… Damn, I got no chance. Go on, shoot. It’s in. Exactly the same. Okay, let’s shoot a little. What’s your response? Let’s go like Kavaliauskas from out of bounds. Best wishes, Kavaliauskas. Antanas, to Texas, or wherever you are. Oh look I can shoot from below the rim. Don’t cross the line. Ah, I found a weakness. We’re playing figures here? One to the golf fields. Let’s finish this. With cream. My shot, whoever goes first. Dalia, you got to make it. I’ll make it. But if I miss I don’t get a point. It was my turn. You’ll have a minus. No, I wont. I’m not putting the cream on my face. I’ll take it myself. That’s it, I’m getting the cream ready. I’m not putting no cream… No no no! I hit it so hard. A very tasty victory. Mantas I hope for a rematch. Tomorrow. Thank you. It was very fun. What are you filming? Definitely the most fun #TimeOutZalgiris we’ve had. But you shoot really poorly… I’m joking. It was pretty good. We look so ugly. The hunchback. I look like an actor from Game of Thrones. Who won? You’ll watch Time Out, you’ll see. We’re in Zalgirio Arena, after a game of HORSE. We destroyed the court. But they’ll clean it up before the Euroleague.


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  1. Dominykas Mucininkas

    December 29, 2019 12:53 pm

    Labai ilgai lauktas video! Dar kada mačiau insta story,kad filmuojat, galvoju kada nu kada įkelsit, ir va prašau! Ačiū labai už nuotaikos pakėlimą Sekmadienį❤❤ labai man abu patinkat, ir esate wow asmenybes❤

  2. Andrius Leonavičius

    December 29, 2019 12:59 pm

    Dar visai norėčiau pamatyti Dalia Belickaite ir Šarūną Jasikevičiu😊👍👍

  3. Danius Skindaras

    December 29, 2019 1:09 pm


  4. Jonas Bublys

    December 29, 2019 3:46 pm

    Jūs žaliai balti lavonai šiandien galas jums ateis šlykščios spalvos jūsų yra šito niekas nepakeis


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