Zebra – 105SL: Ribbon & Media load

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Slide the Media Guide away from printer frame. Loosen the Media Guide screw if necessary. Put the roll of media on the Media Hanger. Push the label core toward the printer frame. If the printhead is closed, open it using the Printhead Lever. Feed the media under the Lower Roller, and under the printhead. Adjust the Media Supply Guide so it is just touching, but does not restrict the end of the media. The labels should lie flat. Align the segments of the Ribbon Supply Spindle. Place the roll of ribbon on the Ribbon Supply Spindle, and push the core as far back as it can go. Tear off a strip of label and backing about 6 inches long from the label roll. Peel label from backing. Overlap the ribbon and backing with the ribbon on top, and use the label to tape together. This serves as a ribbon leader. Thread the ribbon leader and attached ribbon under the upper roller. Through the print mechanism and passed the platen roller. Pull the ribbon leader over the printhead, and above the top roller. Bring the ribbon leader and ribbon under the Ribbon Take-up Spindle, and wrap around the spindle counter-clockwise. Place the ribbon hook over the ribbon with the longer end in the groove, and the shorter end in the notch on the opposite side. Turn the spindle counter-clockwise until the ribbon stays on the spindle. Close the printhead. Release the pause button to allow the printer to calibrate.


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  1. Julie Weeks

    August 23, 2018 7:19 pm

    Question – I'm having a hard time getting the used ribbon off the taking spool. Any advice? I am using a Teflon J Hook.


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