Zebra Love


You want me to put some ac on Ohh no no no I just saying to take a picture
Whats up buddy Your nose is all brown! Watch you got on your
nose Oh no oh
Yeah well Oh gawd
Hey that will be five bucks I just washed your windows that will be five
bucks It’s  licking the car
Oh no His schlongs hanging out
It is Its like he is getting a semi
Let me see He likes the car
Oh its going back Its going back in
Are you video taping this Yeah hahaha
Are they getting off on teh car They are getting off on the car
Maybe that’s why your not supposed to feed them
Maybe so Gives them
Whoa hey An erection
Boing What is this
Oh that’s weird I don’t know
don’t know he is another you shall not pass
it’s a some kinda deer
you going to feed ‘em that looks like it could be
I think it’s a It ‘s a nice guy
A nilgai Nilgai
Oh this is why right here Ohh my ha
Video tape this Ohh crap
Gasp ha ha gasp ha ha I can not believe this
Holy moly Oohh gross
Ohh no That was gross
Mmm I smell good oh wow Look ears are all back like WTF
Holy moly Yeah don’t feed them
Ha ha Please no
Wow licking the car really riled that one up
Haha Zebras in the house


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    June 3, 2016 6:15 pm

    "WHITE";  WHO FREAK OUT Over A THANGS Like That…!    LISTEN How They Are Carrying On Over It…!

  2. Raczoon

    July 26, 2017 5:50 am

    What was the funny part? I didn't see any humor, just animals having a great time and extremely immature humans giggling about it like 5 year olds. How detached have be gotten from being mammals?


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