Zebra Midge – Black – Fly tying tutorial

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The zibra midge is a very easy fly to tie,
and an effective midge pattern. You only need two materials for this fly,
and it can be tied in many different color patterns You’ll want to use a curved, or scud hook
like this Umpqua U202 and a fine thread like this 70 denier ultra
thread. Start your thread just behind the eye of the
hook and secure with a few wraps rearward. Then proceed to wrap your thread smoothly,
to about half way down the hook shank. Now we will attach an extra small wire and
cover the tag end of the wire completely. If your thread starts to get twisted, untwist
it by spinning the bobbin counter clockwise. Then wrap all the way down the hook shank
as far as you feel comfortable, and then back up to just shy of the eye of
the hook. Now start spiraling the wire up the hook shank
evenly and capture it just behind the eye of the hook.
Build a small head on the fly with your thread. Make sure this is even and roundish. Then whip finish your fly with a few wraps,
and be careful not to deform your flies head. Last, we will ad a bit of head cement to keep
the wraps in place and make the fly more durable. Hey, thanks for watching!
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