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Hey guys, I’m Daniel Park from Zebra
Technologies. Today I’d like to introduce another great productivity tool from
Zebra’s Mobility DNA software suite. It’s called StageNow. StageNow is a
tool that can really simplify the staging process and should be considered
an essential part of any enterprise deployment strategy. The good thing is
StageNow is completely free and is only available on Zebra Android devices. Staging can be a real headache and it
makes sense to streamline the process as much as you possibly can. As a general
rule, any manual process should be eliminated wherever possible, especially
if you are staging hundreds or even thousands of devices. StageNow addresses
this by automating the entire staging process. Let’s start with a brand new
device and at the Box. If the device is running GMS, Google Mobile Services, such
as this device, then step one of staging would be to manually tap through all the
Google welcome screens, which is over ten screen taps per device.
Well, Zebra can even help with this. On Marshmallow devices running BSP 21.04 or newer, we can skip past all of these screens and jump straight to
the StageNow client, which, by the way, comes pre-installed on Zebra Android
devices. This is achieved by simply scanning a special barcode. To stage
devices using StageNow, we provide a free PC console tool called StageNow
console. Using this console you can create a profile that will define the
device configuration. Let’s walk through the entire process. Okay, so we have a
brand new device with the GMS Google welcome screens available on the screen.
I’ll just scan the barcode. Okay, we’ve jumped straight to the StageNow client.
So we are now ready to receive the staging configuration. If we look at the
StageNow console, I’ve completed the profile previously. It’s called download
install and launch scan demo. We have a look at what’s in this console profile.
You can see there’s three steps. One is download an APK, two is install the same
APK, and three is launch that APK or application. Okay, once I hit complete
profile I have three options for staging the device: barcode, audio, or NFC. For now
let’s try barcode scanning. So choose the barcode I require, hit test to test how
it’s going to work. That will open up a PDF file with the barcode available. All
I need to do is scan that barcode and you can see staging has begun. Now it
will take a few minutes to stage the whole device. Keep in mind you can also
push out full OS updates, setting configurations, push down and EMM client,
and much much more. So it’s a very powerful tool, and by the
way, you can stage many many devices at the same time. Okay, so let’s see how audio
staging works. On the console we have an audio tab. To choose audio staging I will
just hit play audio. So as you can see, you don’t need to
stick to your old ways of doing things. Zebra’s Android products are modern
devices, so take advantage of Zebra’s modern solutions. I encourage you to take
a look at all our Mobility DNA software tools because if you don’t know what
they do, then you don’t know how beneficial they can be to you, your team,
or your company. So until the next episode,
keep it locked in here, check out the links below, and remember: StageNow. It’s
a Zebra Android tool.


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