Zebra PowerPrecision+ Battery: 1 Minute Tour

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I’ll be demonstrating battery
diagnostics using one-two-three scan, but just as easily you can implement this on
your application using one of our scanner SDKs. The DS8100 Series smart
battery allows you to query a lot of information, such as battery acid
information. The date of manufacture is always a field that people are
requesting. In addition, we can give you the model number of the battery and the
full design capacity. That means when we ship the battery it will always be at
least twenty four hundred and fifty milli- amp hours strong. In addition, we also let
you get the battery life statistics. Not only do we give you charge cycles
consumed, this is 22, but we also have a very intelligent gauge on the battery
that gives you the state of health: how close is your battery to new? So that
takes into account what’s the charge cycle consumed in hot weather, cold
weather, or the ideal moderate weather. So in this case it’s a hundred percent. It
is a brand-new battery. We also tell you what’s the full charge capacity of your
battery. And what that means is when your battery is fully charged, what’s the
capacity of your battery? In this case it’s two thousand five hundred fifty six
milliamp hours. It’s even more than we spec. So what that means is you’re
getting a bigger battery than the minimum requirement, and because you said,
I told you it was a hundred percent new, that makes sense. The battery is
currently 94% charged, and in addition, we can even tell you what is the highest
temperature that battery has ever experienced, the lowest temperature, and
the current temperature. And the nice part of this is with all this information you
can query your fleet of scanners and determine what are the state of healths
of all the batteries? Do they need to be changed?
Do they not? You can do it on an individual level or across the entire


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