Zebra Stripe Series S4M: Ribbon & Media Load


Clip down the media supply guide. Place the roll of media on the media supply hanger. Push the roll back as far as it will go. Flip up the media supply guide, and then slide it until it touches, but does not restrict the edge of the roll. Press the printhead release latch to open the printhead assembly. Lift the printhead until it latches open. Slide out the media guide. Feed the media under the Dancer assembly, through the slot in the Transmissive sensor, and under the Ribbon sensor. Push the media to the back of the Transmissive sensor. Slide in the media guide until it just touches the edge of the media. To place the ribbon supply spindle in the normal position, firmly pull out the spindle end cap until it extends and clicks into place. To place the ribbon supply spindle in the low tension position, firmly push in the end cap until it retracts and clicks in place. Orient the ribbon with the loose end unrolling clockwise. Place the ribbon roll onto the Ribbon supply spindle and push it all the way back. Pull the end of the ribbon under the printhead assembly and out the front of the printer. Wind the ribbon clockwise onto the Ribbon take-up spindle. Close the printhead assembly. If the printer is paused, press Pause to enable printing.


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  1. Tony Nameless

    October 11, 2018 4:43 am

    How the hell do you remove wound ink tape from the spindle onces it's full ? I have to cut it with a razor blade every time


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