Zebra TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer

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The past 20 years have seen innovations
in computing, networking, energy, and transportation. Isn’t it time for an
innovation in warehousing? Introducing the Zebra TC8000. A revolutionary new kind of mobile computer that doesn’t just make you more
efficient it makes you fourteen percent more productive. The innovations start with the design. The TC8000 features a front facing screen. It eliminates the need to tilt and verify after every scan. Reduces muscle effort by fifteen percent. Makes the TC8000 33 percent lighter than the standard mobile computer. And gives the ergonomic grip a better center of gravity. In weighing less, it delivers more. And you still get the ultra rugged durability you’ve come to expect fromZebra devices. The form factor isn’t the only improvement. We added voice interaction and hands-free proximity scanning Making it easy to use, even when
your hands are full. And in place of a bulky physical keyboard, our four inch glove friendly touch screen has a variety of customizable virtual keyboards that can reduce the rate of typing errors by 60%. To power it, we gave the TC8000 the longest lasting battery in the industry. Large enough to power through three
shifts nonstop. and if one starts to run low you can easily swap in a fresh
battery at any time without disconnecting from your wi-fi. But the TC8000’s innovations don’t stop at the hardware. Equipped with Simulscans
Software the TC8000 can read multiple bar codes, checkboxes, text fields, even signatures simultaneously giving you the power to capture an entire completed form in a single scan. The software also includes All-touch
Terminal Emulation. Which translates your existing green screen interface into an intuitive all-touch interface. without having to modify your back-end. Simulscan and All-touch TE are just two solutions within mobility DNA. A whole suite of Zebra exclusive tools and utilities that add functionality to enhance the capabilities of your Zebra Android mobile device While streamlining your device platforms into one simple integrated solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. A revolutionary design. A state of the art scanner. The best software on the market. All packed into one innovative device. That means on average when you use the TC8000 you get fourteen percent more done in the same amount of time. And that is warehousing innovation. The Zebra TC8000 A revolutionary design. That delivers revolutionary productivity gains.


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