Zebra Technologies: 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Scanners, ProMat 2017

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Hi, my name is Matt Patito. I’m here to
demonstrate our 3600 Series extended range here at ProMat with Zebra. Extended
range scanner the 3600, it’s our new ultra rugged device for scanning
barcodes up close; you can scan a 4-inch wide barcode from 6 inches away and as
far as 70 feet away on a 1D barcode. What’s great about the 3600 series: it’s ultra rugged,
5000 one meter tumbles, and IP67 sealed, so it is waterproof. With the ultra rugged
series it’s the first industrial scanner on the market to have a battery gauge and a
Bluetooth connectivity indicator. Green, yellow, and red. When the battery gets low
you can swap it out. This is the most power hungry device; it will last for
70,000 scans. That’s one scan a second, for 20 hours.


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