Zebra Technologies – Aphria Inc. Success Story


As a farmer we’re always looking for a new crop to grow in a greenhouse. The Health Canada requirements for record-keeping and data collection are quite stringent. They call it a seed to sale program where they want to track your seedlings, vegetative plants, your mother plants, all your production, all your waste material; that’s all tracked on it and on per plant and per lot requirement. Ample organic CRP is a software solution that’s used to track seed to sale so we monitor every single plant in a grower room and every gram of marijuana. A big part of that is being able to do it in real time. When Health Canada comes in to do an inspection or inspect records they expect them to be up-to-date. We realized very early on in the life cycle of our company that having seamless hardware integration was key to our success. When we began to evaluate realize things like mobile computers and printing technology and scales and all of these pieces would have a role to play within the operations of these facilities we set out to find the best vendors on the planet to give us enterprise-grade solutions that would, you know, work in tandem with our software to facilitate real-time data collection. We wanted to eliminate the need for a employee to go back to a computer terminal, fill in all this record-keeping information, juxtapose numbers, cause errors, and eventually cause compliance issues. We wanted data collected in real time to eliminate all of these different problems. We started looking for a great hardware solution that would work natively with our software platform and ultimately we stumbled across Zebra Technologies. Their mobile computing and printer products have served us incredibly well in the field and are more reliable than anything else we found. We had to kind of outreach to Ample to look for something that would combine all the MMPR requirements. Our needs as a business and how we wanted to go about with production. It definitely makes life a lot easier. We can scan any plant while we’re walking past it, when we’re having a conversation or during a function and it’s as easy as scanning that barcode to get the information that we’re looking for. When I take a clone I can go right to the gun and actually make that cutting, create the sticker, the plant ID sticker gets printed on the Zebra printer and gets affixed to the plants. When we say real time, we mean it. So you know if you look at something like a bottling process within a facility and we’re talking about 10 gram bottles, you know an employee will take that bottle and set it onto a scale. They’ll simply scan the front that will read the tare weight of the bottle directly into our system immediately. They can then add the product to the bottles to fill it to 10 grams and scan the scale again. Now that bottle serialized its tracks and it’s completely accurate, and once that bottle’s sealed it gets a little inventory tag instantaneously out of a small Zebra printer that’s affixed to the bottom of the bottle and now that’s ready to go into inventory. Our orders have increased, our business is increased, our sheer size alone has increased. Doing everything on a manual scale is just not practical and by the implementation example and with all the Zebra equipment we’ve been able to progress farther and be more efficient in our production. One of the most important things about running a business and scaling a business to size is reliability. The greenhouse is not always the most forgiving environment and Zebras been holding up really well in the greenhouse. We’re getting that reliability both from Ample and from the Zebra products. Data integrity on the Ample side has been fantastic, as well as product reliability and durability from Zebra products.


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  1. thenewbrand

    May 8, 2018 12:15 am

    Just wanted to mention: I really hope the Zebra labels being shown on this video aren't ACTUAL patient names and details. That's certainly against patient record protection laws. Might want to fix that. :-/


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