Zebra Technologies: Confidence in Healthcare

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A patient journey within healthcare is
influenced by many factors within the medical environment. And without having the foundation patient
identification from the very beginning, The system can fail and a safety
patients could be compromised. Human error and inaccurate data can cause many problems: wasted time, incorrect pathway which
result in wasted money but also results in added bed days, which again is an added expense. Hand written wristbands create problems in themselves. You’ve got to decipher the handwriting. There is also transcription errors where the clinician will try and write down the
person’s details either from the verbiage portion or from record. So their fundamental flawed in that respect. The potential risk to the patient, through misidentification can be fatal. Zebra provides a range of
wristband printing solutions, that insure data accuracy , reliability and confidence. Ultimately patient safety is at the root of the printed wristband. The advantage of using a printed wristband are that you are using a barcode to encode patient data. into a bar code on wristband for later
retrieval. Printed wristbands also provide a
confidence level for both the patience and clinicians. This as a error rate of 1 and 3 million. They’re printed to high degree of resolution. It’s a very simple solution to implement. They’re easy to integrate with the past system of electron patient records, for retrieval and storage of the information and any pathways that take them for the patient. Through the use of our response wrist band solutions, you can improve the integrity of your
information right to the patient’s bedside, strengthening the safety and security
your organization. Zebra has a wide range of products that assist with patient identification. Which go from A4 printed wristbands and labels, to dedicated to thermal response through our desktop Printer range or our HC100 as well as having bedside and nurse
station applications for lobotomy, blood samples, sample labels and case knowings. Zebra will always have and always will maintain high quality standards. There at the root of our manufacturing processes and our philosophy, and all our products conform to IOS family.


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