Zebra Technologies: Enterprise Mobile Computing – Warehouse, NRF 2017

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Hi, I’m Amanda Honig showcasing Zebra’s Retail Mobile Computing Solutions for the warehouse. Our newest solution is our total wearable solution that comprises of an Android, wearable mobile computer with the Android Operating System. We have the option of a single finger, laser scanner or a corded Bluetooth 2D imager, as well as the HS 3100 Bluetooth headset for voice speaking solutions. We’re also showing some additions to our new TC8000 touch computer and the 9200. We’ve incorporated the extended ranger image so this allows users to scan barcodes up close and also out as far as 70 feet. For solutions where we want a handheld that can also be used for scan intensive applications, we have the new TC 70 x-series which comes with Android marshmallow and a faster processor. The handle can snap right off and then be used as a handheld device when we don’t need a scanning applications. And lastly we’re showcasing our new ET 50 and 55 tablets with now offer Windows 10 and Android lollipop and what’s unique is that we have Enterprise accessories like this rugged boot that gives added durability and this expansion back which gives you an aggressive scanner for scan intensive applications and an optional battery here to provide all day shift use. If you’d like to learn more about these solutions visit us at zebra.com


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