Zebra Technologies: ET5X Enterprise Tablet

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In harsh enterprise environments
inexpensive consumer tablets can feel like unsophisticated toys. On the other
hand, those bulky, ultra-rugged military type tablets are built like tanks. So why
pay for less than you need or more than you want, when you can get all that
you need and only what you want in one tablet: the ET5X. The too-little consumer tablet is fragile. The too-much ultra rugged is 3 pounds of heaviness wrapped in ugliness. But the ET5X is plenty tough with a not-so-rough
price, and it’s rugged frame accessory doubles the drop spec durability. The
too-little consumer and too-much ultra- rugged tablets are mounting challenges.
The ET5X docks, mounts, and installs with options for desktops, forklifts, trucks,
and walls. Now you’re ready to go from the warehouse to your next destination. The too-little captures data through a
camera. The too-much can slow you down during scanning. And the ET5X captures
data first time, virtually every time, with more one-handed scanning options
than any other tablet. Charging tablets comes with the territory,
and once the optional Hot Swappable Battery is added to the Expansion Back,
the ET5X never stops working and never has to leave your worker’s hands. Many
accessories, countless applications, Windows or Android, with the 8 inch or
10 inch IP65 sealed-ET5X you can select the hardware, software, and accessories
you need. So why settle for a toy-like, inexpensive consumer tablet and risk
costly disruptions or the high processing power of a heavy, ugly, ultra-rugged model that drains lots of battery and runs so hot it can burn
you? You can have the ideal balance of aesthetics and ruggedness to take on any
warehouse or retail environment task with the ET5X, the one tablet that rules
them all.


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