Zebra Technologies: One Store – Optimizing Retail Delivery for Maximum Customer Convenience

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We live in a more connected world. Technologies including RFID, big data, wifi, and the cloud allow physical objects to share information, and help people with mobile devices to work smarter. How can you take advantage? How can you create a personal, versatile, and convenient delivery service that everyone feels is built around them. Claire, who’s buying the weekly groceries
on yourstore.com, is about to find out. As she logs in, her loyalty points and usual shopping list flashes up. She selects the items running low from
kitchen cleaner to muesli, and as the family’s off camping in France next week, she also buys coats for the kids, sun cream, and bug-off spray. As Claire has been looking at sleeping bags on the store’s app, she’s offered a 10% discount, and based on her basket contents, she’s also asked if she wants money off travel insurance and currency too. She takes all three deals, and a free next day delivery. Claire’s order is sent to a fulfillment center near her home, where Julie is a picker on the night shift. Julie’s mobile computer pings with the order, and auto-voice guides her from aisle to aisle, and she soon has Claire’s things ready. Claire’s order is packed, and an RFID tracking label with the order details is printed and attacked to the delivery tray, which then moves to dispatch. Meet driver Danny, as he arrives for work, he picks up his rugged mobile computer and use it to run a safety checklist for his van. He scans the delivery trays, and his computer advises on how to pack the trays by priority. RFID readers in the truck check all items are on board before Danny leaves. As Danny’s day goes on, he uses his mobile computer to get turn-by-turn navigation to each delivery based on real-time traffic flow with updates on his expected arrival time. He also uses it to view his schedule. A schedule designed to make the most of his time, call dispatch hands-free, send a message to all core customers, view his jobs, and issue proof of delivery notes. When Danny leaves the fulfillment center, Claire is sent a text with the name of her driver, and to confirm at 2 to 3 p.m. delivery slot. Claire can send a message back to say she’s happy, or request a later time. As she might now be running late, she goes for 5 P.M. When Danny’s 15 minutes from Claire’s, she sent a link to a map showing his whereabouts. so as Danny pulls up, Claire’s by the front door Danny scans the delivery, and the stock’s
system is updated. He also uses his mobile printer to print a proof of delivery note. Claire signs on Danny’s computer screen and thanks him for being so flexible. Later that night, Claire gets a thank you email with a link to a facebook review page, and a 15% voucher for fuel. She writes a review to explain what a convenient and professional delivery service she’s just enjoyed. Your retail business too, whatever you’re selling, can achieve a similarly high level of customer satisfaction. With Zebra, turn delivery from lost leader to business winner. Now. Today. With proven and ready to go technology. Now’s the time to be different by delivery.


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