Zebra Technologies: Pocket Sized Scanning

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Hi, I’m Ron Ethe, and I’m here to talk about Zebra’s new CS4070 companion scanner. It’s smaller enough to put in your pocket, or wear around your neck. And it’s designed to interface to iOS devices, it’s certified by Apple. Also, Android devices. And it can also be used as a batch device. So, for example, in a merchandising situation or a truck route driver determining what he’s is taking off the truck, he can scan in batch mode. And then when he’s done scanning, gets back to the truck, he connects up with a USB cable, and he can see the data that he scanned just as if it were a USB drive. Just go into the file called scanned barcodes, and his data will appear, just as if it were a USB drive. The battery is field replaceable, so that’s a productivity enhancement. The battery lasts, scanning continuously, for about 12 hours, and when not scanning, it can last for approximately 3 days. That’s the advantages of the CS4070.


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