Zebra Technologies: RFD8500 Bluetooth Setup and Configuration TC55 Android Pairing

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Hi, let me show you how to pair the
Android mobile device to an 8500 unit. First, start on the TC55 which is a tab
mounted to the 8500 device. Go to the settings section, turn the Bluetooth on.
Also, if the 8500 Bluetooth is not on we just press the Bluetooth button
for one second. It turns on the Bluetooth. So now both
Bluetooth on this device is discoverable and it’s on here. Just tap on Bluetooth here. As you will see, this is looking for the devices. It’s already found the RFD8500 device. As you will see, once you select the particular device here that
is showing the status on the Bluetooth LED starts blinking faster. Once it is blinking fast, pull the yellow trigger to pair the device and as
you will see now in the paired device status you will see the particular ID or
the serial number of this reader, which is shown here at the bottom label.
The full serial number with the last two digits 98 showing up here in part of the
devices that we have paired. So that completes the pairing, very simple
process. The idea to pull the trigger is to ensure that it is only
pairing between devices that are authorized access to a store personnel.
So none of the external devices can come and pair unless you have authorized
access. So the additional action to pull the trigger makes it safe and secure. One
additional point to note here is the serial number at the bottom here of the
of the scanner. Basically it can also be used to scan with the mobile computer so
in essence, you could have an application that’s
running on this device that can just scan this barcode at the bottom to
automatically pair these two devices together, because if the RFD8500
along with the serial number, forms the friendly Bluetooth back at risk
component that will allow you to pair just like through the steps that we went through. So that’s another applications method by using the scanner on a mobile
computer to pair with the reader. So again, the process of pairing is
very very straightforward and simple.


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