Zebra Technologies: RFID Solutions, ProMat 2017


Hi, I’m J.W. Franz. I am with Zebra’s RFID
business development team. I support the manufacturing vertical here at the ProMat show in Chicago. And today we’re talking about how UHF passive RFID can
be used in various applications, but more so about how it can be used for dock door scenarios. Our audience seems to take a lot of interest in, you know, the shipping
side of things with RFID. So using RFID and a dock door application is what
we’re talking about. And dock door applications typically have a couple
different use cases that go with that. We like to talk about shipment
validation to ensure that customer shipments are being delivered accurately
and on time. We like to make sure there’s no missed shipments or accuracies with
or mis-accuracies with those shipments. We also like to talk about how we can
use RFID for inventory control and also to talk about how it can be used for
tracking returnable containers and things like pallets and such. So that’s
said. Using RFID technology we’re really educating people on on those use cases
and one of our demos is showing you that you know through our Zebra
readers that we can take boxes of items and whether it’s a box of items or a
pallet of items, that we can read those in a very effective way. So moving
through our portal here, mimicking a dock door, we can clearly see that we can
capture a lot of RFID tag data very efficiently, very quickly. And to kind of
reinforce how RFID is used in dock door applications we got to help people
understand that it’s more than just readers and that encompasses things like
tags and the accessories like these Jameson RFID enclosures which hold and
house our equipment in a very robust way and to also help streamline the
deployment of RFID and dock door applications. We know that RFID can have
a lot of engineering services around that and utilizing these Jameson
enclosures, which house our readers and antennas help simplify the deployment
process of RFID. And one last point I want to make is we also recognize that a
lot of times in dock door applications and shipping applications that fix
infrastructure is not always going to be the only option. So we also incorporate the use of RFID handheld readers such as the MC91 90Z and show how it
can be a very efficient tool in doing mass data collection in a more effective
way than the traditional methods of barcode scanning. And the second thing
that we were talking about today with RFID is how we can still incorporate RFID
technology to track assets, but this time more so those assets that are metallic.
And if you look at what RFID technology can and cannot do, traditionally speaking
your standard RFID labels tend to not work very well on on metal surfaces. So
that over the years we worked with tag partners like Confidex to develop a new
RFID label offering where now we can take a Zebra printable label and apply
it to metal surfaces, where in the past we have not been able to do that. So we
call that product the Silverline series and such is an example is a Confidex Silverline label printed through a Zebra ZT 410R printer. So using the Zebra
printer with the Silverline Series labels we are now able to print labels
on demand and apply them to metal surfaces. To give you one illustration
about how RFID typically does not work very well on metal surfaces,
we have a tablet here with a standard Zebra Silverline label, as well as a
standard passive RFID label. And what you’ll see in a very simple
demonstration is if I take this tagged asset and I put it in front of my reader
you’ll clearly see that only the Silverline label is being read versus
the other tag that is not. So as I move over here near the portal,
the reader will capture the tag data and you can see that while we have two
tags on our tablet we were only recording one tag through our software.
So this is reinforcing the fact that standard labels will not work very well
in metal, on metal applications where our Silverline label works very well.


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