Zebra Technologies: SimulScan Document Capture, Mobility DNA

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What happens to mobility when you revolutionize data capture? Today, an everyday task, such as delivering a package, might require your worker to scan packages, and manually type or write in the customer’s information. Multiple steps that cost you time, and effort. Now imagine the entire process could be automated with one scan. Zebra’s SimulScan document capture makes it possible. In seconds, workers can simultaneously capture multiple barcodes, images, texts, signatures, phone numbers, and even check marks within boxes. Enabling your business applications to fully, and accurately populate. Ensuring all of the information that’s processed and available in real-time. No more delays in data visibility. No more wasted time or effort. With SimulScan, your team is more efficient. Your processes are more accurate. Your cycle times are faster, and your customers are happier.


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