Zebra Technologies: The Link-OS™ Environment Explained

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Customer’s business needs for devices
that are mobile, intelligent, and connected to the cloud are the catalyst for an emerging new ecosystem. At Zebra, we closely monitor emerging technology trends. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a technology movement on the rise. IoT solutions are smart, interconnected devices that give businesses increased visibility into the identification location, and condition of products, assets, transactions, and people. This drives effective and timely business decisions that improve customer interactions. Research findings from Forrester Consulting reveal, 53% are looking to implement IoT solutions within the next 24 months. And 72% said that barcodes are important to IoT solutions. Zebra knows the importance of listening to our customers. We understand their need to easily integrate, and manage total device solutions within their ecosystems. Zebra’s partners are looking for efficient ways to better serve their customers through easy integration, device management, and custom applications. Software developers need to write apps across multiple operating systems and they need Zebra to provide source code examples and documentation support so they can easily embed Zebra products into their solutions. The technology environment is evolving and Zebra is innovating along with it. For more than 40 years Zebra has been the consistent provider of products known for outstanding quality, performance, and innovation. As technology advances, so does Zebra offering stationary, card, mobile, kiosk device solutions and RFID technology. Formed from Zebra’s mission to always delight our customers, we created Zebra’s new Link-OS Environment. The Link-OS Environment innovatively combines an operating system, a powerful Software Development Kit, and software applications with smart zebra devices making them easy to integrate, manage and maintain from any location. Zebra constantly evolves with new technology trends and customer demands. The creation of the Link-OS environment keeps this commitment to innovation. The environment is changing and we’re innovating.


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