Zebra Technologies: Visibility Services

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Your organization has a hidden enemy: Device Invisibility. Unless you can instantly see the location, status and usage of your business critical assets, such as your mobile devices and printers, you risk undermining your timelines, productivity and bottom line. Take tracking assets for instance, If you’re doing it manually, you may be miss allocating valuable resources. Spending up to 30% more than necessary. Chances are you can’t easily detect device performance either such as battery life, connectivity, physical and storage memory, printed labels, and odomitor readings. Since you can’t see potential problems, you can’t preempt disruptions that cost you time, money and customer satisfaction. Then there’s device utilization. Without usage insight, you can’t see how many devices are being used, if you have the right mix, or if any are lost or stolen. This can make you more vulnerable to security risks, diminished efficiencies, and lower ROI. One company realized they invested $1,000,000 on technology that few employees were utilizing. Even if you have a mobile device management platform, you may not have an easy way to comprehend the vast amounts of data. But what if you could combine MDM with repair and tech support information for quick and easy visibility into your operations. Gain the advantage of a better vantage point with Zebra’s Visibility Services. See your entire fleet of Zebra and third-party devices from one screen, locate assets within an operational environment, peer into their health and gauge their utilization, as well as repair information. No matter your organizations size or industry, there’s a solution for you. You can gain the visibility you need and the flexibility you want. At a glance device health with no MDM, better data capabilities for you existing MDM, or the advanced features of our advanced visibility solution that includes Sony MDM for operational insight. Or perhaps you prefer we find the right solution for you. Ask yourself, can you afford to be without visibility? See it, measure it, improve it with Zebra’s Visibility Services. Now that’s visibility that’s visionary.


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