Zebra Technologies: VisibilityIQ™

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You can stop guessing the status of
hundreds or even thousands of your devices. You can ensure operations run
smoother without being left in the dark. You can access device data with
visibility that makes your next move obvious and when you combine visibility
with intelligence you get Visibility IQ if you can’t see your device data your
vision list and when devices aren’t working at their peak neither is your
business mobility assets have become more complex
to manage understanding their behavior is the only way to keep working devices
in the hands of your workers and associates that requires different
angles of visibility many of them you don’t have to be a data analyst to
unlock the intelligence zebra DNA tools provide because productivity boosting
visibility into key DNA elements is now in plain sight power precision batteries
worry free Wi-Fi and stage no data is visible on your dashboard to assess
advice alert and accelerate nonstop mobility now dive into a different point
of view for support services your device data is directly connected to building
even more device investment protection through zebra one can next leap forward
with visibility IQ foresight you’ll have a path to all of your operational
reports and data within a single cloud-based dashboard that’s how you
gain an advantage over the unknown and the unexpected your most effective
options to improve productivity stand out when critical details are provided
via color-coded status and email alerts when thresholds are crossed the power of
devices doesn’t only come from batteries it’s also from knowing how to optimize
right size and load balance devices while increasing their availability and
uptime it’s having visibility you can’t see with only an MDM solution by pulling
from even more data sources and storing data longer for historical trends the
insights to investigate correct and predict based on analytics are right in
front of you with visibility IQ foresight
visibility into your mobile devices has never been clearer because you’ll know
what your devices are trying to tell you with Visibility IQ.


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