Zebra Technologies: ZD410, NRF 2016

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This is Zebra’s newest printer offering, the ZD410. This is a 2 inch direct thermal printer ideal for retail applications. We’re showing it in two different environments. First is a retail pharmacy application where the pharmacy staff would use this printer to print off a label that would go on the medicine bottle that is dispensed as part of the pharmacy transaction. And secondly we are showing a deli labeling application where the printer can connect to a deli scale or a deli application and print off information about the product that the consumer is purchasing. Product information, pricing information, and weight of the item that is being purchased. There are several key benefits to this product to the retail customer. We know that retailers operate in a very space constrained environment. So you can tell by the very small compact footprint of this printer that it’s going to fit into those very space-contained areas. The second major fact of this printer is the very intuitive easy to use interface. So it requires limited user training and limited customer interaction. And lastly the printer interacts well and can connect to virtually any IT environment using Wireless LAN, 8012 and AC, as well as Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity.


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