Zebra – Xi4: Ribbon and Media Loading

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Slide out and flip down the Media Supply Guide. Place the roll of media on the Media Supply Hanger. Push the roll as far back as it will go. Flip up and slide in the Media Supply Guide until it touches the edge of the roll. Loosen the thumb screw located at the bottom of the Outer Media Guide, and slide it all the way out. Open the printhead assembly by rotating the Printhead-open Lever counter-clockwise. Thread the media under the Media Guide Roller. Push the media forward until it passes under the Media Printhead Assembly. Under the Snap Plate and over the Platen Roller. Align the media with the Inner Media Guide. Slide the Outer Media Guide until it just touches the edge of the media, and tighten the thumb screw. Align segments of the Ribbon Supply Spindle. Place the roll of ribbon on the Ribbon Supply Spindle with the loose end unrolling clockwise. Push the roll back as far as it will go. Tear off a strip of label and backing from the label roll about 6 inches or 15 centimeters. Peel the label from the backing. Overlap the ribbon and backing with the ribbon on top, and use a label to tape the two together. This serves as the ribbon leader. Thread the ribbon leader and attached ribbon under the Ribbon Guide Roller Through the print mechanism, and passed the platen roller. Bring the ribbon leader over the Upper Ribbon Roller, and then tore the Ribbon Take-up Spindle. Wind the ribbon leader and attached ribbon counter-clockwise around the Ribbon Take-up Spindle. Rotate the spindle counter-clockwise several turns to wind the ribbon, and remove any slack. Release the pause button to allow the printer to calibrate.


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