Zebra ZT230 Industrial Barcode Printer

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Uline’s H-4029 Zebra ZT230 Printer
prints high quality shipping and receiving labels for packages and asset
tracking. The H-4029 Zebra ZT230 Printer is ideal for use in operations where up to
1,500 labels are printed each day. This printer is only compatible with Windows
based software. The H-4029 Zebra ZT230 Printer can print both thermal transfer
and direct thermal labels at 203 dpi, saving you time and money by not needing
two separate printers. The H-4029 can print UPS/FedEx style labels using
templates on most label software packages like our H-2527 BarTender Software,
which is sold separately. The H-4029 features Serial, Parallel and USB ports
and can be shared on a network with the optional H-1149 Ethernet Print Server.
Once you’ve downloaded the printer driver on to your computer, you are now
ready to setup your Zebra ZT230 Printer. To set up your printer, plug the AC power
cord into the connector on the back of the printer and then plug it into any
standard 110 volt outlet. Turn the printer on. Using the appropriate
interface, connect your printer to your computer. Press pause on the printer when
you are ready to load media. To load the media, raise the media door and open the
print head assembly by rotating the print head open lever up. Pull the media
supply guide out as far as it will go and then remove the first few labels
from the roll. Place the roll of labels on the supply guide and push it back in
so it’s flush with the label roll. Feed the labels under the media sensor and
print head assembly, aligning the end of the first label with the printer’s tear
bar. Then rotate the print head open lever
downward, locking the print head in place. If you are using thermal transfer labels,
you’ll also require a ribbon for printing. To insert a ribbon, keep the
print head lever in the “open” position and place it on the ribbon supply spindle
with the loose end of the ribbon unrolling toward the back of the printer. Feed the ribbon under the print head
assembly and wrap it several times or on the ribbon take-up spindle. Rotate the
print head open lever downward, locking the print head back into place. Close the
media door. Press pause to enable printing. The printer should
automatically calibrate itself. You may need to change the type of printing
based on whether you are using direct thermal labels or thermal transfer
labels and ribbon. To edit the print type, go to home to choose settings. Arrow over
to print method and choose either direct thermal or thermal transfer. To keep your printer running smoothly, be
sure to clean the print head frequently and use a ribbon that is as wide, or
wider, than the label roll. The H-4029 Zebra ZT230 Printer is backed by a
one-year warranty. Uline’s H-4029 Zebra ZT230 printers,
labels and accessories are in stock and ready for fast delivery from any of our
strategic locations in North America. Whatever your labeling needs are, you can
rely on Uline to have the solution.


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