Zebra ZXP Series 3 Card Printer Overview


Hi, I’m Dave Coons, Vice President of
Engineering in Zebra Technologies. I’m excited today to introduced ZXP
Series 3 Printer from Zebra. This is a new printer from Zebra that offers a great combination of compact size, ease of use, and affordability. The printer offers a full set of contact and
contactless encoding capability including the ability to use an external
contact encoder. This encoder is the same encoder that’s in our ZXP series 8 Printer and is fully PCSC compliant. This printer is capable of printing 180 cards per hour. One of the things we’ve done to enable that speed is to move some the image processing into the host computer. There’s a lot of image processing, a lot
of analysis and image perfection that needs to happen and for us to get greater
control over that we’ve moved some of it into the host PC so the printer can just focus on printing. So the print speed is enabled both by improvements in the printer, mechanical, electrical, and some far more
changes and better host image processing on the PC. Let me tell you about one additional element that enables the improved image quality
and high speed. ZXP Series 3 uses a new and improved True Colours I Series ribbon that’s
reformulated to enable high-speed printing. This ribbon has improvements on both sides to enable higher print speed, greater
durability, and freedom from print artifacts. This new ribbon is available only for the ZXP Series 3 and we’re first to market with such a ribbon and it’s a key part of the value proposition high speed and high image quality. The printer offers a full host of encoding options including Mac encoding and contact and contactless encoding. An exciting feature of this printer is the easy upgrade ability to the smart card encoders. Encoders are provided in a plug-in
module which is easily added to a printer in the field. As I said, these encoders
are the same encoders that are in the ZXP Series 8 printer which means they are fully PCSC
complaint but also EMV complaint, which is
critical for financial card printing. And an exciting feature of this printer is the ability to do smart card encoding over an ethernet connection. One other thing I would like to tell you about are some the security features for this
printer. This is one of the only printers in this form factor that has fully lockable cabinet enclosure. This key locks the lid of the printer also locks access to the cards in the input bin. The ZXP Series 3 is an ideal solution for affordable issuance of financial cards. The features of the printer including the locks, covers for the input/output
bin, and the ENV certified contact encoder make it ideal for such


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  1. siraj ansari

    February 4, 2017 2:49 am

    very bad machine do not buy frend please
    I am buy its machine something 7 months ago but I am not sutisfied this printer

  2. Multiknit Pty Ltd

    September 5, 2017 10:54 am

    Hi, I loaded a double sided print ribbon into my Zebra ZXP Series 3. If I want to print single sided, do I then need to replace the double sided with a single sided ribbon…? What do I do if I'm already halfway into my double sided ribbon – will the machine pick it up if I place it back in…?

  3. Wahidullah Mohammadi

    January 11, 2018 6:00 am

    Hello, how often do I use my printer? The feed card shows why and does not print a pencil card


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