Zebra’s Mobility DNA – The New Genetic Code

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Prepare for a deep dive into enterprise mobile computer. The mobile device that you are about to enter has been genetically altered. The DNA you see has been engineered by Zebra to overcome conditions most mobile computers can’t survive. It’s Mobility DNA. The genetic code that gives Zebra mobile computers distinct enterprise capabilities and it powers the core of this one of a kind software ecosystem. You’re now witnessing a mobility first. An advanced species of enterprises central software. Built around the consumer friendly Android operating system. Watch how Android serves as a receptor for greater innovation, flexibility, and resources. While Mobility DNA supercharges security, efficiency, and productivity. Coming up: Mobility DNA’s four main power grids. Lets deploy down the high-performance artery and investigate two distinct areas that drive unique enterprise capabilities to mobile computers and workers. Achievement flourishes here in the business tools grid by delivering unique and dominant survival of the fittest enterprise capabilities that push productivity and transform the way workers communicate and interact. We’ve just propelled into the productivity tools sector that initiates better user experiences, faster data capture, and extended efficiency. We now board the manageability gene and head for the management tools hub. This engineering wonder of centralized visibility, simplifies device, app, and troubleshooting management. While fortifying everything with enterprise class security. Now, lets explore Mobility DNA’s development tools nucleus. Which holds the secrets to faster, smarter, and easier enterprise app development. It makes OS migration to new or legacy infrastructures more streamline and seamless than ever before. Here is a sight to see. Take in the beauty of Mobility DNA getting enterprise software and hardware to work together. So mobile computers are really ready to work. All of that power is harnessed inside every Zebra device containing Mobility DNA. To give enterprises the capabilities they need to go forward. It’s visibility that’s visionary. Next stop, zebra.com/mobilitydna


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