Zebra’s Network Connect Industrial IOT

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The industrial Internet of Things is
changing our relationship with machines. They are now our collaborative partner
in achieving unmatched visibility and speed. That’s the power of our industrial
Internet of Things solution. When you equip your operations with Zebra
Technologies you retool what’s possible. Ethernet capable printers and ultra-
rugged scanners are an important part of your plant floor operations, but setup
for these devices can be challenging, especially when IT has to connect
hardware and update software for your entire manufacturing line. Then there’s
connecting your devices to third-party converter boxes and PCs and integrating
with your network, which often requires rounds of troubleshooting. Yet, even after
all that effort this third-party hardware is still very unreliable.
They’re vulnerable to security breaches and connectivity interruptions cause
unplanned downtime. The truth is every third party converter box and PC on your
plant floor is a potential point of failure, which can be a security hazard. Now imagine what’s possible without this third party hardware, their
vulnerabilities, and the points of failure they inevitably bring. With
Network Connect, your devices connect directly to the PLC. Setup is easy using
standard protocols and has two way direct communication to the PLC using
its industrial network, so there’s no need to even call your IT department.
With your PLC and your devices talking to each other you’ll be able to monitor
on-the-go and everything works better together. Now a dependable, more secure
connection allows you to operate at optimal workflow. With all your devices
seamlessly connected to your PLC, everyone can stay on top of the critical facets
of your operations easily and securely. That’s the intelligence of Network
Connect. Lean manufacturing processes increase
visibility from a macro level to smaller batch size detail. Automatic processes
replace manual work, line changes are managed with precision, and decision-making
shifts from reactive to proactive. Together we can ensure your workforce
has the right material at the right time, your production lines stay up and
running, and your quality remains high at every step. Put the PLC to work for
you rather than vice-versa. Line managers are no longer tethered to the line to
monitor and complete workflows. Instead, they can access PLC information from
anywhere on the plant floor. Industrial barcode printing along with scanning of
direct parts allow for the track and trace from raw material to finished
goods, and operations are error proofed at the point of activity. Additionally,
real-time sensors gauge key measures at each stage. Automatic push notifications
alert you of issues so you can immediately safeguard quality. Audits and
recalls are faster with on-demand insight into machine settings and
performance. Such deep visibility is instrumental in meeting compliance and
exceeding business goals. Using our customizable apps, you can improve asset
management and production output and that’s just the start of what’s possible with
Zebra Technologies. Want to minimize unplanned downtime? The line between halting and haste is in digitizing your critical assets. With
that kind of operational visibility you can anticipate concerns before they
become crises. Now you’ll know in advance when you need to replenish spare parts,
maintain machines, and reassign tasks. Our solution automatically tells you what
you need instantly. Make your operations more agile and efficient with our
solution. Build on the power of industrial IOT and automation and let
Zebra Technologies help you discover visibility that’s visionary.


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