Zkoušíme NEJHORŠÍ FASTFOOD v USA / Tohle nejezte!


it looks like shit hi guys, welcome to the new video you´ll see eating challenge today here in In and Out In and Out In and Out and they should have good burgers i think it´ll go in and then out here is Leonidas, I´m Aragorn and he´s Gimly we will answer the questions questions about America, which you wrote us on Instagram questions about Strenghtwars and here we go and we´ll shoot it at home, because Craig is waiting for us and we have huge kitchen so we´ll shoot there and Tetzel was driving a car, so shoot how he parked like woman so we are at home and we bought some double burgers you recommended it to us it looks like shit so here we go Pavlis will read us some questions Hanz: where will people see wars? and will be on Youtube? first question wars won´t be on Youtube, it will be only on Netflix Do you like it Hanz? if someone thinks that this is the best burger, it´s shit it´s shit next question who is going to battle in stenght wars? Hanz you´ll be on Netflix you´ll be on Netflix next to the Witcher new tv serie on Netflix Have you met Larry Wheels? no we haven´t otherwise guys, it´s important that you´ll see this video, when will be after the battle but we are shooting it before the battle next question: was it hard to get into the USA? it was not hard you have to arrange ESTA they will confirm it to you within 3 days it´s something like visa if you don´t go to more than 90 days, you can have only ESTA and that´s enough you don´t need nothing more, only ticket and ESTA so money and you mustn´t be a dealer he missed the plane you had a problem with take shit Pavlis is afraid to take shit on the plane, because is a lot of people there who the fuck would sit on that toilet on the plane? I had to and next question is, if they checked us at the airport of course, but one would say that when i go with Pavlis, they will check me because I look how I look but they didn´t check me and they checked only Pavlis they took me out of my shoes, they undressed me because you were positive on chemicals What are your plans after the strenght wars? Hanz, what are your plans after strenght wars? powerlifting competition awaits me it will be in CR and in Europe so I want to go to both and I want to do 900kg total what are you planning to visit in LA? We don’t know yet, because now we mainly shoot and we do everything around strenght wars but on Wednesday the strenght wars end so strenght wars end on Wednesday and then we have on week so we have on week, so we want to see everything Hollywood, Long beach I want to visit some cool shisa bar guys, you can write to the comment,
how old do you think Craig is? we have special question for you how old do you think Craig is? who hits first, I will send him what he wants from the merch because, I didn´t hit it next question: is it expensive in LA? it depends what he punished himself why are you ask him, when he doesn´t pay anything it´s expensive for me everything what you buy here or in restaurant you have to add tax to it, which is 10%


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  1. Anabolic Horse

    March 2, 2020 8:11 pm

    Lidi, titulky budou zase později jasný??! Vemte si lepší jídlo k dnešnímu videu než jsme měli mi a bavte se u nových QnA! 🔥🤗
    PS: Kdo koupil merch "I good Feel"?😂 Skoro všechen jste ho vyprodali! DÍKY a kdo ještě nemá tak ►► https://www.swaglift.com/anabolic-horse/

  2. Cane Legend

    March 4, 2020 1:45 pm

    In and Out jsou totálně dobré burgry! Nenechte se odradit a když budete v USA určitě fastfood, který stojí za to navštívit 😉

  3. Randysek

    March 4, 2020 1:51 pm

    Původně jsem čekal, že války vyjdou na YouTube, díky za informaci ohledně platforem 😀
    Jinak Craigovi tipuji 30 let


    March 4, 2020 2:58 pm

    Like if you want it to stay in TRENDING
    1:48 ❤💝💝
    👇 👇🔥

  5. Patrik Haburaj

    March 4, 2020 8:24 pm

    Od začiatku do konca videa Leonidas povedal POTŘEBUJU SRÁT celkovo 29 krát 👍😀


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